"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Matthew 7:7

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guests, School, and Snow... OH MY!

     First of all, I know that it's been almost three weeks since my last entry and I'm not kidding, I've thought about writing almost everyday... and everyday, something else comes up (mainly, Preston) and the day passes without a single minute to write. This whole blogging thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be (not for lack of ideas... simply a lack of time!) In fact, the only reason I'm able to write now is because I have little PJ tightly snuggled up against me in my EgoBaby Carrier (thank you, Kristen!), so for once, my hands are free :) (They're usually just like this... holding my little guy. Try putting him down- even when you think he's in a deep sleep- and he knows it within seconds!)
    About a month ago, my mom (Grandma Lindy as she prefers ;), came to visit.  I can't believe that it was that long ago... and how much I want her to come back! Mom is an NICU nurse, so babies are her speciality.  Thankfully, she let me ask the questions and then she supplied all the information.  I never once during her entire visit felt like she was telling me how to handle my baby- which was surprising, since she's the expert (but, she also knows how much I hate being told what to do!).  I'm learning that it's funny how babies have a way of putting everyone they contact under a love spell.  Mom and I shared a small condo for nine whole days and never got on each other's nerves once (and that's an amazing feat in itself!). She even took me to get my nails done!

     Two weeks later, one of my best girlfriends of all time, Preston's Auntie Kimberely, came to visit. You know you have a great friend when you haven't seen each other in nine months and you just pick up right where you left off. Kim and I have been practically joined at the hip, for more years than not, since we were 14 years old so having her out here suddenly made Colorado feel a bit more like home.  We didn't do anything exciting over that weekend- a couple longs walks with the puppy and baby, some homework and a few a Kim's stir-frys- but it was one of my favorite weekends since I moved out here. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll make it out again next month with her boyfriend (and that my other three best girlfriends, Kristen, Kelsey and Hilary will get out here sometime soon... it's in the works!).
     On top of that, the next semester of school just started and I'm taking Statistics and Business Law (hmmm, could I  have made it anymore difficult for myself?!) The first week of Statistics really took me for a spin, but the second week has been much better, so I figure as long as I don't procrastinate, I should be fine (but of course, that in itself is not going to be easy!) Thankfully,  I haven't had to guilt trip him too much (joking!) and Bubba has been really helpful with taking care of Preston while I study. It certainly helps that our baby has started smiling and cooing the past few weeks- and he is enthralled with everything his daddy does!
     Lastly, we're having another snowstorm and it's was literally -10 degrees this morning when Bubba went out to start his car (the high today is supposed to be ZERO!) I don't know why no one ever told me that Colorado was the freaking arctic, but let me tell you, I was not prepared for this! We're driving down to Florence (Bubba's hometown) for his best friend's wedding and I'm just praying that it warms up before then- driving in this is just a mess! By the way, this will be Preston's first dress-up event and I have the perfect all white outfit from his Grandma Lindy for him to wear that just now finally fits! Now if I could just find something in my closet that actually fits me!


  1. I love this! I love you so much, I am so glad I got to come see you and I will be back soon! You forgot to mention how far my relationship with Nolan has come, we are practically in love! I cant wait to see you. XOXO

  2. Liam is still fascinated by his daddy and he just hit 8 months old! If Dan is home, Liam HAS to see him all the time. If he hears him talk he looks around for him and fusses if he can not find him. He cries when Dan leaves, and knows that when he hears the door open it means it might be daddy, so he stares at the front door until Dan comes in.

    School and babies are hard, and I just took ONE class!!!! But if anyone can make it work, you can.

    Aren't those carriers just the best thing ever? Once we got our Snugli life got SO much easier... until Liam stopped wanting to be held all the time and wanted to be free to work on moving around. About the 5.5-6.5 month mark.

    Those first baby smiles are the sweetest thing ever. I remember me and Dan, my mom... anyone who saw him doing all kinds of weird things trying to get him to smile. It is amazing how this tiny person can turn grown adults into blathering idiots.

    I totally know what you mean about having your mom around. My mom comes to visit so often now, and as much as I love seeing her, if it was not for Liam we would be getting grumpy very quickly. I just take advantage of when she is here... "Hey mom, would you watch Liam while I go take an hour long bubble bath, enjoy half a glass of wine and get some time to read something other than the nutritional information on a teething cookie box?" And she is happy to get the time to play with him.

    I am sure that you are doing the best job at all of this. You always were very devoted and dedicated to doing the things that mattered to you. I know you will apply this to everything about being a mom!