"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Matthew 7:7

Friday, December 31, 2010

Let It Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We're having a huge snowstorm in Denver right now and although it's usually tough for me to be cooped up inside, it's making it very easy to spend my days around the house.  We've had Preston home for about a week and a half now and I don't want to brag (and I certainly hope I don't jinx us), but so far, I'd say we have the most perfect baby in the world! He's so easy to calm and he sleeps three to four hours at a time- I even gave him his first bath today and he didn't even cry! (P.s. Yes, I do realize that he's almost two weeks old and I still didn't want to do it even then, but he was starting to smell like spoiled milk :)
Bubba went back to work full-time (plus) last Wednesday- the day after we got back from the hospital- and we miss him a lot during the day, but unfortunately that's how it all worked out.  Thankfully, he's totally kicking butt at work and really starting to love his job, so I can't really complain. If you have to work (which we all do), it's great to actually like what you're doing! Not to mention, Preston is up at least twice during the night to eat, so even though Bubba's exhausted after a long day at work, he still gets a chance to see his baby boy.  Honestly, I think Bub is more tired than I am these days- I don't usually take naps during the day, but I swear being a mom has given me a new-found energy like I've never experienced before. I'm sure it will run out eventually (like, when I have to start taking care of business or go back to work), but for now I'm just going to enjoy it like its going to last forever :)
One thing I didn't realize was how much of my time was going to be spent feeding our little guy! I honestly feel like a human milking machine (or a cow ;)! We feed Preston every 2.5- 3 hours from the start of one feeding to the start of the next, so after the hour to hour and a half that it takes to change his diaper, feed him, enjoy a little awake time and rock him back to sleep, I only have about an hour or two before we start the whole process over again! No wonder I don't feel like I can get anything else done! I did have my first two glasses of wine in nine months the other night and although I thought it was going to be so nice and relaxing, I realized that it's probably the last glass I'm going to have for awhile.  Not only was I way too paranoid about getting tipsy (considering I literally have not had a drink in nine and a half months), I also had to pump during feeding time (while Bubba fed him  expressed milk from a bottle) and then throw it away- that killed me! Lord knows I love my wine, but I really think that it'll be after I'm done breast-feeding until I can enjoy it again.  Not to mention, I think it'd be pretty cool in this day and age to go an entire year and a half without drinking and since I'm already halfway there, why not finish it out? :)
   Anyways, it's time to feed the little guy again (but first I have to bundle up to take our puppy, Nolan, out), so I'd better get going. Cheers to a fabulous 2010 and here's to a wonderful 2011! I'm so thankful for my beautiful new family and I can't wait to share our adventures in the new year! xoxo


  1. I felt that way too when I was BFing Liam. Before he decided to have a booby boycott. I still am afraid to get tipsy... afraid I might goof up somehow or fall too deeply asleep and not hear him if he wakes up and cries.

    But stick with the BFing as long as you feel like you can. It will get better as he grows and his little tummy can hold more food.

    For about the first 4 weeks I slept when he slept, and tried to not look at a clock at ALL in the middle of the night.

    I know you can do it! 90% of the whole BFing process is a good state of mind.

    Also, while you should always do what makes YOU feel best, after all, you ARE the MOM now!, having half a glass of wine is ok if you do it right after he finishes eating and there is at least 3 hours between then and when he eats again. Some moms even swear by having one beer a day to increase their milk supply. Or fenugreek. I tried that one, but I ended up smelling like maple syrup and it was constant enough to make me feel ill after a while.

    I know it is hard to try and make all the choices for another little person. I fretted over everything. Laundry detergent, if it was REALLY ok to give him infant tylenol even after his Doc gave the OK and told me how much to give him, what his teething rings were filled with, even inspecting his clothing to make sure there wouldn't be an annoying seam that would irritate his skin.

    Half the choices I made I worried that I was dooming him to some terrible fate. The other ones made my husband roll his eyes at me, I got indignant and said "I'm the MAMA!" and then it was my way.

    I am just now learning to let go and trust in my own instinct and NOT what EVERYONE else thinks or says.

    The most important thing any new mom can do is to relax and trust in themselves. If you think its wrong, don't do it. If it seems right, do it. As long as you follow the basics (feed the baby, change the baby, comfort the baby and don't let his head go thunk... or shake him) you will be fine.

    NEVER be afraid to ask for help, or call the doctor. I called Liam's doctor over his face turning red once. Turned out it was from Daddy's chin stubble when he kissed the baby.

    You are a good mommy! And I'm here if you need it!